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  void main() => runApp(DemoApp());

  class DemoApp extends StatelessWidget {
    const DemoApp();

    Widget build(BuildContext context) {
      return MaterialApp(
          home: Scaffold(
              appBar: AppBar(
                title: const Text("Download Demo"),
              body: Center(
                child: const FetchDataPage(),


  part 'post.g.dart';

  class Post {
    final int userId;
    final int id;
    final String title;
    final String body;
    const Post(this.userId,, this.title, this.body);

    factory Post.fromJson(Map<String, dynamic> json) => _$PostFromJson(json);
    Map<String, dynamic> toJson() => _$PostToJson(this);


  part "todo.g.dart";

  @JsonSerializable(explicitToJson: true)
  class TodoObject {
    final List<Todo> data;
    const TodoObject(;

    factory TodoObject.fromJson(Map<String, dynamic> json) =>

    Map<String, dynamic> toJson() => _$TodoObjectToJson(this);

  class Todo {
    final int userId;
    final int id;
    final String title;
    final bool completed;

    const Todo(this.userId,, this.title, this.completed);

    factory Todo.fromJson(Map<String, dynamic> json) =>

    Map<String, dynamic> toJson() => _$TodoToJson(this);


  library json_parser;

  export 'post_parser.dart';
  export 'todo_parser.dart';
  export 'object_decoder.dart';

  abstract class JsonParser<T> {
    const JsonParser();

    Future<T> parseFromJson(String json);


  mixin ObjectDecoder<T> on JsonParser<T> {
    Map<String, dynamic> decodeJsonObject(String json) =>
        jsonDecode(json) as Map<String, dynamic>;

  mixin ListDecoder<T> on JsonParser<T> {
    List<dynamic> decodeJsonList(String json) =>
        jsonDecode(json) as List<dynamic>;


  class PostParser extends JsonParser<Post> with ObjectDecoder<Post> {
    const PostParser();

    Future<Post> parseFromJson(String json) async {
      final decoded = decodeJsonObject(json);
      return Post.fromJson(decoded);


  class TodoParser extends JsonParser<List<Todo>> with ListDecoder<List<Todo>> {
    const TodoParser();

    Future<List<Todo>> parseFromJson(String json) async {
      return decodeJsonList(json)
          .map((value) => Todo.fromJson(value as Map<String, dynamic>))


  class RequestREST {
    final String endpoint;
    final Map<String, String> data;
    const RequestREST({
      this.endpoint, = const {},

    /// HTTP dio client
    static final _client = Dio(
          baseUrl: "",
          connectTimeout: 3000, // 3 seconds
          receiveTimeout: 3000, // 3 seconds
          headers: <String, String>{"api-key": "add_one_if_needed", },

    Future<T> executeGet<T>(JsonParser<T> parser) async {
      final response = await _client.get<String>(endpoint);
      return parser.parseFromJson(;

    Future<T> executePost<T>(JsonParser<T> parser) async {
      final formData = FormData.fromMap(data);
      final response = await<String>(
        data: formData,

      return parser.parseFromJson(;

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