Alberto Miola

Alberto is an italian Software developer which graduated in computer science at University of Padua. Currently he's working with Java, for the back-end and desktop apps, and Flutter, for mobile and web development. He got amazed by Flutter for its incredible power and the huge community around it.



Felix Angelov

Felix is a Senior Software Engineer at Very Good Ventures. He previously worked at BMW for 3 years and is the main maintainer of the bloc state management library. He has been building enterprise software with Flutter for almost 2 years and loves the technology as well as the amazing community.

Technical reviewer


Rémi Rousselet

He is the author of popular packages such as provider, Flutter hooks and freezed. Rémi is a highly visible member in the Flutter/Dart community; he actively answers on helping tons of people. Dart makes his heart Flutter!

Technical reviewer


Matej Rešetár

He is helping people get prepared for real app development on and also on the Reso Coder YouTube channel. Flutter is an amazing framework but it is easy to write spaghetti code in it. That’s why he’s spreading the message of proper Flutter app architecture.

Technical reviewer

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