The ultimate reference for Dart and Flutter

Flutter is Google's official UI toolkit for creating beautiful native apps for mobile, web and desktop with the Dart programming language

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Dart language

The first eight chapters of the book will guide you in detail through every feature of Dart 2.10 and much more, such as recalls to SOLID principles and DI (Dependency Injection).


Flutter UI toolkit

The book will cover every fundamental aspect of Flutter that any developer must be aware of. You'll find more than 750 pages on how to properly write the code and create production-ready apps.

Good practice

Good practices

While reading the book, you'll often find suggestions and good practice taken from the official documentation provided by Google. Well-known experts such as Felix Angelov, RĂ©mi Rousselet and Reso Coder has also given their suggestions and advices.


Concrete examples

While the theory and simple examples are useful to understand concepts, it's fundamental to see the code in action. The book offers more than 240 pages of real world scenarios about HTTP REST APIs, Serialization, UI quality, testing and Firebase integration.


BLoC and provider

High quality apps are dynamic, effective and efficient. This book will help you reaching such excellence by covering Flutter BLoC and provider, two popular libraries that optimize the state management of any application.


Printed version

The printed version of the book is available on Amazon, which will take care of printing and shipping. The source code of the projects is available in this website; we recommend you to play with the snippets using DartPad


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