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Complete Reference 2.0

The ultimate reference for Dart and Flutter.

This book is the perfect resource for developers looking to learn how to create cutting-edge, cross-platform, native applications that run on any device.

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What the book offers

Dart logo The Dart language

The book's first eight chapters are dedicated to Dart 3.0 and all its features. Nothing is given for granted: every aspect of the language is dissected and explained in detail.

Flutter logo The Flutter framework

We have dedicated over five hundred pages to the Flutter framework. The book covers the widgets basics, the state management solutions, animations, the navigation APIs, and more.

A green check icon Good practices

The book has many suggestions and good practices from Dart's and Flutter's official documentation. We have also added recommendations based on the professional experience we have grown over the years.

A computer terminal window Examples

Theory and simple examples help understand concepts, but seeing the code in action is also very important. We have filled the chapters with examples and comments to help you understand concepts more quickly.

GitHub logo Dedicated repository

We have created a GitHub repository with the source code of some particularly long examples. You can clone the projects to read, run, and experiment with the code.

A computer terminal window Printed version

The printed version of the book is available on Amazon, which will take care of printing and shipping. Alternatively, you can buy the Kindle version. Email us if you are in trouble and don't know how to get the book.

About the author

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I am an Italian software engineer who graduated in Computer Science at the University of Padua. I've been working with Dart and Flutter since 2018 💙 You can reach out to me via email and check my open-source projects on GitHub.

I am a GDE (Google Developer Expert) in Dart and Flutter. I love sharing my knowledge with anyone by writing technical books and articles.

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